November 11, 2010

Violence and the Left

Oh dear, the left has shown once again how little respect it has for democracy. The country as a whole is in a hole thanks to years of exessive state spending. We cannot possibly continue spending so much more than we earn like during the Labour years. State spending must be reduced. Everybody knows this, and everybody knew this before the recent elections to choose the government which was going to implement the cuts. But the left does not like the fact that their party was not the one chosen, so they riot. What they cannot get through reasoned debate and gentle persuasion, they demand through violence and threats. This should suprise nobody, the history of the Twentieth century stands as an object leason to the violence constantly bubbling beneath left-wing politics. Violence and left wing politics fit together like an iron fist inside a chain mail glove, but it cannot be given into because the only alternative to cutting the state is that the state goes bankrupt.


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